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Soups & Tickets /Soups and Appetizers

Ceviche Jipijapa - LaVid Restaurant Quito

Locro Quiteño /Creamy Potato Soup 

Delicious potato locro, ancestral dish from the capital of Ecuador, accompanied by fresh cheese and avocado. / Delicious creamy potato soup, a typical dish from the capital city of Ecuador, with cheese and avocado.


Shrimp Ceviche /Shrimp Ceviche

Typical dish from the Ecuadorian coast with a lemon twist,  tomato, paiteña onion and cilantro. / Typical delicacy from the Ecuadorian Coast, with a lemon twist, tomato, red onion 

and coriander.


Ceviche Jipijapa / Jipijapa  Ceviche

Corvina de Roca Ceviche, a Heritage icon of Jipijapa - Manabí, the special touch is the peanut paste with avocado.  / Rock Sea Bass Ceviche. An ancient heritage from Jipijapa on the coast of Ecuador.  Its unique touch consists of peanut butter and avocado


Mixed Shrimp and Jipijapa Ceviche

Mixed of  shrimp and croaker./ Sea Bass or mixed with shrimp.


Mixed Crab and Shrimp Ceviche 

From  Guayaquil,  the Pearl of the Pacific we bring  delicious crab and shrimp pulp, marinated in lemon juice, avocado sashimi, with the special touch of a creamy peanut,  tomato concasse,  paiteña, cilantro and pickle. /  From our beautiful Guayaquil (Pearl of the Pacific), delicious crab meat and shrimps marinated in lemon juice, avocado sashimi, and a special touch of creamy peanut, concasse tomato, red onion, coriander and cucumber


Signature CevicheVegetarian/Vegan) 

With the authorship of our Chef we create our delicious Ceviche with ingredients  native to Eastern Ecuador,  we take the  Jicama, mashua, served with green apple, mushroom mix, hearts of palm, radishes, cherry tomato and avocado, accompanied by passion fruit sauce./ A creation of our Chef, our delicious Ceviche with native ingredients from the Ecuadorian Amazon Rainforest:  Yam bean, mashua (andean tubers), green apple, mushroom mix, palm heart, radish, cherry tomatoes and avocado, 

with passion fruit sauce.    


Ecuadorian Tray /Ecuadorian Empanadas Platter

Enjoy flavors of  the Coast and Sierra with our  green empanadas with cheese 

and morocho with ground meat./ Enjoy flavors from the Coast and the Sierra, with our typical empanadas (turnovers) of green plantain filled with cheese,  and   white corn dough filled with ground beef.


*Prices include taxes /Taxes included

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